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Meet the Staff

Richard Glessner

Clinic Director


With over 25 years of experience in animal welfare, Richard has directed both no-kill and animal control shelters in addition to opening 4 spay/neuter clinics and serving on a number of Boards for various animal welfare organizations.  Richard has overseen more than 75,000 surgical procedures and has been responsible for the lives of over 100,000 animals through shelter programs all while creating a first-class state of the art environment designed around the animals' needs with an emphasis on quality.

Billee Rindsig, DVM

Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine



With over 30 years of experience in performing surgeries in spay/neuter clinics, Dr. Rindsig has performed easily over 75,000 spay and neuter surgeries.  In addition to owning and maintaining her own private practice in Iowa, Dr. Rindsig continues to work with 3 spay/neuter clinics spaying and neutering thousands of animals in an ongoing effort to help reduce the pet population through pro-active work.  In addition to her dogs and cats as companion pets, Dr. Rindsig's love of horses has given her the pleasure of owning a horse farm.


Kate Player, DVM

University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine



With more than 10,000 surgeries since starting at our clinic in early 2013, Dr. Player is a meticulous surgeon whose knowledge and expertise is second-to-none and whose surgical skills are highly respected.   Dr. Player has brought the latest knowledge on the newest techniques as well as vast experience in canine behaviors and reproductive medicine to our clinic.  Dr. Player is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Player shares her home with her husband Derek and their pack of championship Rottweilers.

Kathleen Whelan, DVM

University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine



Bio Coming Soon!

Linda Lewiston, DVM

Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Doctor

Dr. Lewiston has been with our clinic since the beginning of 2012 serving as our Clinical Doctor, responsible for the vaccination clinics, examining and providing preventative care for over 35,000 animals since our opening.  Dr. Lewiston's clinical skills are incredible with vast knowledge in all things related to the examination, treatment, and preventative care as well as her ability to diagnose perplexed and peculiar situations. Dr. Lewiston has extensive knowledge in emergency veterinary care working at an ER Veterinary Hospital in the northern suburbs. Dr. Lewiston also has extensive knowledge of behavior and training in the canine environment volunteering her expertise to non-profits and rescue groups. Dr. Lewiston shares her home with her love of Boxers and Goldens along with necessary cats.

Susan Brown, DVM

Purdue University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Rabbit Surgeon


Graduated from Purdue University in 1976 and has practiced exclusively exotic companion animal medicine since 1980. In 1985 she and her husband Richard R. Nye, DVM founded the Midwest Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital (then in Westchester, IL) which was the first all exotic animal veterinary hospital in the United States. Dr. Brown has lectured extensively at both veterinary and companion animal caregiver conferences across the United States and in Europe on the topics of husbandry, medicine, and surgery of small mammals. She has published numerous articles and chapters in veterinary texts and journals. She has also published dozens of articles in rabbit and ferret club periodicals. Dr. Brown was on the review board of several veterinary journals as well as being the main author of the majority of articles on Veterinary Partners Small Mammal Health Series. She founded the Greater Chicago Ferret Association in 1986 and served as their health director until 1997. She was also the health director for the House Rabbit Society of Chicago and was the Health Director for the House Rabbit Society National. Dr. Brown started Rosehaven Exotic Animal Veterinary Services in 2007, which is a consulting business aimed at providing support to rescue, sanctuary, and animal control organizations that take in exotic pets. She also started The Behavior Connection to help teach companion animal caregivers about the science of behavior, using humane, positive reinforcement and fun strategies for behavior change resulting in a harmonious relationship with their companion animals.


The Volunteers – too many to name them all. Thank you for sharing all your compassion and for the time you give.

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