FVAWL Celebrates 1,000 Spay/Neuter Surgeries

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Ribbon cutting to celebrate the official opening of the FVWAL Spay/Neuter Clinic

The Fox Valley Animal Welfare League (FVAWL) clinic reached 1,000 surgeries just 5 months after the opening of their spay/neuter clinic in February. Over 1,600 animals have been seen either for surgery or wellness care. The Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce was on hand to help host the ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday June 28th at 11 John Street in North Aurora where the clinic is located.

FVAWL is committed to providing programs geared toward preventing companion pets from ever having to enter a shelter. Offering low cost spay/neuter surgeries to other rescue organizations as well as those individuals on disability, social security, unemployment or state aid is just one of the programs in place to support the local community.

Spaying/neutering a single cat and its mate can prevent 12 kittens from the risk of ending up in a shelter in just 1 year. Over just 2 years that same pair of cats and their offspring can produce 67 kittens. Add that up over 5 years and the spay/neuter initiative prevents close to 12,000 kittens from being born. The same numbers hold true for dogs, over a 5-year period a single dog and its mate with offspring will produce just over 12,000 puppies.

Rich Glessner, Clinic Director, is committed to making a difference. "Pet overpopulation and overcrowding in shelters results in the senseless killing of animals. Spay and Neuter initiatives allow all of us to become part of the solution."

Other critical programs at FVAWL include a wellness clinic that provides routine care so families can afford to keep their companion pets and not have to surrender them due to financial difficulties. The food pantry is currently partnering with a Humanitarian Service Project and providing free pet food to seniors with pets.

Through these programs the League's goal is to reduce the number of pets being surrendered or abandoned due to lack of food or medical needs, lessening the burden of homeless pets on local animal shelters and rescue groups, thus reducing the number of animals being euthanized.

For more information on how you can help visit fvawl.org or stop by the clinic at 11 John Street, North Aurora.


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