Who Let The Dogs Out?

It started like every other week but soon things turned to a bustling pace. On Monday we had ten of our bunny friends visit. Tuesday followed with our usual surgeries and dental procedures. Then came Wednesday...

52 18 12 16

These may appear to be just random numbers but each of these numbers represent a journey of skill, compassion and a whole lot of love because on Wednesday, in 16 satisfying hours, 12 dedicated volunteers and one amazing vet accomplished the spay/neuter of 52 dogs and 18 cats. The commitment continued on Thursday with an additional 36 dogs and 5 cats, and on Friday, with 15 more dogs. And with all the hustle and bustle of the week so far our work wasn't done. On Saturday the Wellness Clinic would see over 30 dogs and cats. A job well done.

Each of these random numbers portrays a story of success for FVAWL. The heart of this story begins with the community and it's compassion to do what is right for animals in need. It starts with the TAILS Humane Society of DeKalb, in conjunction with PETCO and partnering with several Oklahoma rescue groups to transport about 150 dogs for a very special adopt a thon being held on October 27th and 28th at the PETCO stores in Schaumburg and Elmhurst.

All of these rescue dogs have now received wellness care, vaccines, and microchips and of course, spay/neuter surgery. TAILS needed some help with the spay/neuter process and FVAWL was happy to step up.

Early Wednesday morning, the foster families began to arrive with their temporary four-legged houseguests. It was heartwarming to see the newly formed bond between each dog and their foster. Some of these wonderful animals may have already found their forever home! The husband who sheepishly admitted to his wife that he stopped on the way to the clinic and bought more toys is a good candidate for adoption!

The action at the clinic soon began; the dogs being checked in and weighed, Dr Billee Rindsig ready at the table, the recovery areas prepped and ready to go and the surgical packs ready to be sterilized, laundry room ready and lot's of paper towels on hand for those nervous little accidents. All part of the process.

The patients were the remarkable ones. To think that these dogs, mostly medium to large size, have been moved from shelter to shelter, transported hundreds of miles, just introduced to their foster family one night before and then bought to the clinic to undergo surgery and still their temperaments were extraordinary. It was if all they asked for was to be wanted and loved. Those tails kept wagging and that alone kept the volunteers going. We all made several new friends this week.

This story portrays a passionate example of the animal welfare community working together to make a difference; rescue organizations, clinics, businesses, families and volunteers all with one goal in mind - to save the lives of beloved companion pets who deserved a second chance.

While our story ends here, it is just the beginning for each of these animals. They are now happy, healthy and safe and eagerly await adoption. Their chances to find a family that will make a commitment to them and turn their second chance into a happy ending.

Please help us spread the word about the upcoming adopt a thon. Visit TAIL's Facebook page to meet your next best friend! We've done our part and these new friends of ours are counting on you. Make a choice to make a difference.

Here are a few of our wonderful volunteers:


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