Saving Animals at the Heart of Our Mission

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

There is more than one way to help save the life of a homeless animal.

Our spay/neuter clinic is up and running and it has been a gratifying success! The results of our first 6 months in operation demonstrate that we are gradually making a difference in the world of pet overpopulation and we remain determined to continue on this life-changing journey. The clinic has been a small but mighty step toward our long-term goal of ending the euthanasia of homeless animals.

Knowing that a spay/neuter program is indeed the future of animal welfare, FVAWL also continues to impact the plight of homeless animals every day. "We understand the big picture and are focused on overpopulation as a solution for the future," says Rich Glessner, Director of the spay/neuter clinic, "but we also remain dedicated to working with the people and animals in our community that need help every day".

We share a recent story below. This mom and her kittens were found behind the front bushes of a home here in our local community. The homeowner took responsibility for making sure this feline family had a chance. They contacted us for help; we took them in, vetted them and reached out to our network of rescues to find one that could accept this mom and her kittens into an adoption program. These cute little balls of fluff are now safe with CatNap From the Heart ( and will be available for adoption soon.

Meet Summer

This is Summer. She is a five month old female short haired brown Tiger kitten. She was found living underneath a porch at a house in Waterman, IL. A girl who lived there would visit Summer every night and feed her. Summer would jump in her lap and snuggle up. The girl was renting and could not have a pet so she asked us to find a rescue for Summer. We spayed, tested and vaccinated Summer and she joined HELP to find her forever home.

Working together we CAN make a difference!


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