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Animals Altered
March 22, 2015

Dogs 5102
Cats 5629
Rabbits 323

(5 guinea pigs
& 1 prairie dog)

Total 11,060

Dogs and Cats Saved From Entering The Shelter System

Dogs 3401
Cats 2815

Vaccination Clinic


Low Cost Vaccination Clinic
for Cats and Dogs

Saturday, April 11th
By Appointment Only

Health Check

Please call the clinic for an appointment at 1-630-800-2254.

See our Services page for details.





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Rabbit Spay/Neuter

Attention Rabbit Caregivers
Our next low-cost Rabbit Spay/Neuter clinic is:
Monday, April 6th
Call for an appointment 630-800-2254

Reasons to spay/neuter your rabbit:

  • Prevent dangerous uterine and testicular cancer
  • Prevent unwanted litters
  • Prevent urine spraying
  • Reduce aggressive behavior

For more reasons, see our Fix'n Facts page.

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On Thursday, 4 December, 2014 Dr. Kate Player performed our 10,000 surgery. Camelot is a male black and white kitten who came in as a TNR (trap, neuter, release) feral to be released back outside. He was too little to have surgery so we accepted responsibility for him and fostered him, and he became our 10,000th surgery. Click on the image to view a gallery of photos.

Cold Weather Safety Tips

  • dog-in-snow-200x240In extremely cold weather, keep your animals inside as much as possible. Puppies and senior pets are especially vulnerable to the cold. Only take dogs outside long enough to relieve themselves and keep cats indoors at all times.
  • Clean up antifreeze spills immediately. The sweet smell and taste attracts animals but it's highly lethal if ingested.
  • Never leave your animal in the car. In low temperatures, a vehicle can quickly become a refrigerator.
  • Wipe dogs down after winter walks. Use a towel to remove salt or antifreeze from their paws, legs and bellies.
  • Get creative with indoor play ideas. Laser pointers, interactive toys or tricks-for-treats are a great way to keep your animal mentally and physically active.
  • Honk before starting your car. Outdoor cats are drawn to a vehicle's warmth, but can be seriously injured or killed by a fan belt.
  • Don't leave space heaters around pets unattended. They can catch paws or tails on fire if too close and can endanger the entire house if they knock it over.
  • Make sure your pet has access to fresh, non-frozen drinking water.
  • Make sure you use a pet safe ice-melt and protect your dog's feet from the salt and chemicals used by others. If your dog will tolerate them, use booties or try a pet safe balm on their paws.
  • For short coated dogs consider getting them a coat or sweater for going outside. Just because they have fur doesn't mean they can tolerate the cold.