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Our clinic depends on the support of volunteers to help reduce operating cost and keep our prices  low - Please understand that they do their best to return your calls and emails.

The following tips are provided to assist you in reaching us:

The best time to reach us by phone or in person are on Fridays between 10 and 2.

Monday thru Thursday we are busy with surgeries which makes it difficult to answer the phone but you can always stop by in person.

You may stop in during normal business hours to make appointments, purchase preventatives, inquire about services between 9 and 3 on surgery days.

Make sure you leave the information needed.  

Calls that exclude information will or cannot be returned.  

Please do not call repeatedly over and over, if you have not received a return call in a week or so, try again, we have a considerable number of calls that come in daily so it becomes difficult - if not impossible to return every call everyday.  


Thank you for contacting us. You will receive a response shortly.

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