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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of companion animals and to keep them in their forever homes by providing programs and services that reduce pet overpopulation while supporting our commitment to animal welfare in the community.


In 1946 two women cared enough to worry about a little stray white dog.  With their passion to help, and an early dream of a no-kill philosophy, the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League was born with the purpose of helping care for and rescue thousands of animals in need.  


In 1992 the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League began a partnership with the city of

Aurora Animal Control and Care expanding their network to include over 100 licensed rescue organizations that helped foster and place over 3,000 companion pets in their forever homes.  


In 2009  the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League expanded their efforts by providing all spay & neuter surgeries, vaccines and other necessary care to the animals awaiting adoption at the Aurora Animal Control facility.


  In 2011, the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League began the next chapter, by moving towards the efforts of preventing the pet over population problem rather than reacting to it.  

In February of 2012, the Fox Valley Animal Welfare opened the first spay/neuter clinic in the western suburbs of Chicago focused on preventative care.

From those humble beginings 78 years ago, the vision and forethought of those two women have helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of animals within our community.


Richard Glessner - Clinical Director

Linda Lewiston, DVM - Clinical

Marji Merrigan, DVM - Surgeon

Katherine Player, DVM - Surgeon

Billee Rindsig, DVM - Surgeon

Juli Rowlett, DVM - Surgeon

Keith True, DVM - Surgeon

Tim Turner, DVM - Surgeon

Kathleen Whelan, DVM -  Surgeon

Board of Directors

Ellen Wullbrandt - President

Elisa Scodro - Vice-President

Wally Koch - Secretary

Sandy Hirter - Treasurer

Joan Lindquist - Board Member

Cathy Avery - Board Member

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