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Dr. Billie & Gretchen


Meet Ron Burgundy, 

who has the distinct honor of being our 50,000th surgery since our opening in February 2012. The Fox Valley Animal Welfare League continues to provide affordable services to our community as well as helping our rescue partners care for so many animals.  Since we opened we have had nearly 60,000 animals enter through our doors and have prevented hundreds of thousands of animals from being added to the population.  


Dr. Tim Turner

Making an Appointment ?

Please understand that we are staffed by volunteers

so that we can keep our prices significantly lower.

We receive hundreds of calls weekly, and return calls in the order that they were received.  Calls are generally returned within a week.  

Calls are not returned the same day.

If your call has not been returned within a week

please feel free to leave another message.  

We do not return calls:

that do not leave a message regarding what services are needed or

that are requesting services that we do not provide

You may also stop at our clinic during our normal business hours to make an appointment, please try to avoid check in and pick up times.

Be respectful of our volunteers who work hard and long hours so that we may provide low cost services to the animals in our community.

Rude and argumentative behavior towards our volunteers will not be tolerated and no services will be provided.

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